Tenant's Cost

These are the cost incurred by the tenant when considering to rent a property.

Booking Deposit

The day you decide that you like to rent the property, a booking deposit equivalent to one month's rent should be paid to the landlord in order to secure it. Upon signing of the tenancy agreement, this deposit will be considered as a one month security deposit.

Security Deposit

At the same time you sign your lease, you will be expected to pay a security deposit. This is a one-time fee you pay the landlord as insurance that you will live up to your end of the lease. Security deposits are security for faithful performance by tenants of all terms, convenants and conditions of the lease agreement and the tenant cannot dictate that security deposit be used for any rent due. Unless claimed due to a breach of lease damages, the security deposit is refundable when the tenant move out of the property at the expiration of the lease term.

Stamp Duty

The Tenancy Agreement shall be signed by the landlord and by the tenant and stamped with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). The tenant shall be responsible for the cost of execution of this Tenancy Agreement.

Agency Fee

If you enter into a binding lease of a property with a landlord introduced by us, you shall pay our Estate Agent an agency fee equivalent to one month's rent when the lease is for 24 months. If the lease is 12 months or less, then an agency fee equivalent to half month's rent is chargeable.

On every renewal of the lease, you shall be liable to pay further agency fee to the Estate Agent. Such fees shall amount to half month's rent for every 12 months lease renewed.


We shall apply on your behalf the utilities supplies. You will have to pay for the installation costs as well as monthly utilities bills. A deposit is chargeable and is reflected in your first bill.

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